Recommended Reading:  Remember, I recommend that you read many authors, I do not agree with ALL of any of them.  Some continue to use G_d, and L_rd.  I find this unacceptable, but have come to the habit of replacing these pagan words with Yahweh and Elohim as they were originally used.  This is the same practice except in reverse that the Rabbi's used to hide or conceal His Sacred Name from His people.  After 300 years of not hearing it, His people did not know His Name.  John Ch 17 reveals that Yahshua came for that purpose.  Read it!  Read and glean what is good for understanding, that is my recommendation. Halleluyah!  Which means "Praise be to Yah!".

     I read The Scriptures, Institute for Scripture Research.  At first it is difficult to read some of the restored Hebrew names.  I have always questioned why some of the names in the New King James version I used to read were translated and others were not.  Now I have a text that has restored all the names, including His Name. Since Hebrew names actually have meaning it is interesting to me to discover their meanings which I do online.

    Nazarene Israel: The Original Faith of the Apostles; by Norman B. Willis (v3.6)  I have found this to be extremely enlightening.  Because I am only interested in what Yahshua and His Apostles practiced and taught, it has really been helpful to dig into the text from a clearer vantage point, not cluttered with all that Greek influence.  If you are opposed to learning the truth, this book will offend you.  I am currently re-reading it and because I have read other material as well, I am finding it even more valuable than the first time I read it.

        This Author, Norman B. Willis has many other books as well, The Torah Calender, Covenant Relationships: Loving YHWH and our Neighbors as Ourselves. 

    Lost in Translation: The Book of Revelation Through Hebrew Eyes; by John Klein and Adam Spears  This is actually a series of 3 books, that I have found to be of enormous value.  These authors have helped to take away the scales that confuse, that the Greek text uses to mask the true meanings behind some of the most simple passages.  What our little group has discovered is that without a Hebraic basis, much of the meaning and simplicity of the Scriptures was missing.  These books cover some very interesting and seemingly obscure insights that at first may seem odd.  But, given the chance, and continuing to read thru Book 1, and into Book 2, I have really come to understand more and more of what I read in my Scripture on a daily basis.  Since the scales have been removed from my eyes, IE, I do not look at the text through Greek interpretation, I am able to see clearly with the Set-Apart Spirits enabling the true and clear message left to us by our Savior.
These books lay a foundation for understanding, then go thru Revelation, verse by verse revealing the historic Hebrew understanding that we who were not raised in the Hebrew traditions simply do not have.  I am not talking about the traditions of men, but the truth that Yahweh has laid before us, so clear and simple to understand to those who seek His truth.

    Come Out of Her My People: by C.J. Koster  Only read this if you can stand truth revealed in a blunt fashion. Gives the history and true origins of the pagan holidays that are celebrated by mainstream Chr_istianity.

    Fossilized Customs: Pagan Origins of Popular Customs; by Lew White.  This book just lays it out there.   Lew White gives no apologies for what he reveals to the reader.  I personally found his style to be unorganized, but persevering through the text is worth while. You will not see our culture the same after reading this book.

    This Author, Lew White has other books, one is The Return of Yahusha.  Lew White uses a variation of the Sacred Name that he explains in his many publications.  We have many 'handouts' that he has written and I have found them invaluable as well.