I will be posting some definitions of words that I have found to be interesting.  Often we use words when we simply do not understand their meaning or meanings.  I am going to give you my simplified version, you can go online yourself, as I did and simply do a search to discover more for yourself.  So these will be my simple understanding of the words. 

It should be noted here that word meanings have changed over time.  Sometimes the original word used, say in the King James, has now morphed into a meaning that is the exact opposite of what the original writers knew or understood.

The Preface of the Revised Standard Version of the Bible originally published in 1952 talks about the necessity to change some of the words in this edition, this is what it goes on to say.

"Other words are obsolete and no longer understood by the common reader.  The greatest problem, however, is presented by the English words which are still in constant use but now convey a different meaning from that which they had in 1611 and in the King James Version.  These words were once accurate translations of the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures; but now, having changed in meaning, they have become misleading.  They no longer say what the King James translators meant them to say"

Examples are given:

"The King James Version uses the word "let" in the sense of "hinder", "prevent" to mean "precede", "allow in the sense of "approve," "communicate" for "share," "conversation for "conduct," "comprehend for "overcome," "ghost" for "spirit," "wealth" for "well-being," "allege" for "prove," "demand" for "ask," "take no thought" for "be not anxious," "purchase a good degree" for gain a good understanding," etc.

It goes on to say. " There are more than 300 such English words which are used in the King James Version in a sense substantially different from that which they now convey.  It not only does the King James translators no honor, but it is quite unfair to them and to the truth which they understood and expressed, to retain these words which now convey meanings they did not intend."

I would encourage anyone to read the Preface of the Scripture you are now using.  As I posted in My Story, our little group has read as many as we can get hold of.  I find that there also, that the truth presented as truth is not always truth.  It is the truth as stated above, "the truth they understood."  Example:  In the same Preface, while attempting to explain away His Name, not denying it, or what the Name truly is, but attempting to justify the decision to continue to use words that falsify His Name, they give a definition of Elohim as meaning "G_d".  This is simply not true.  The word translated into English means Mighty One.  So even in the Preface, you must pray for understanding and for discernment.  The more understanding you gain for yourself, thru the set-apart spirit, the easier it will be to discern these untruths.