<![CDATA[The Importance of His Name will soon be known - My Story]]>Wed, 07 Feb 2018 20:48:49 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[My Story - Learning His Name]]>Tue, 24 Sep 2013 12:29:26 GMThttp://yahshua.me/my-story/my-story-learning-his-name When I was 8 years old the first time I remember questioning the Name.  In Sunday School they were teaching about John 5.43 how Jesus came in His Father's Name.  I raised my hand and asked "what name?"  The Sunday School teacher told me His Name is I am.  I was an outspoken kid and said, " That's not a name!"  She said we call Him God, that is His title.  She went on again, about Jesus coming in His Father's Name.  My response was at 8, "How is Jesus in God's name?"  Because she did not have an answer and I was interrupting her lesson, I was just hushed.  I also remember that the lesson also taught that Jesus was Hebrew, but even then I knew the name Jesus was not a Hebrew name.
    I did not attend church very much as a child.  My mother died when I was 9.  We went to live with my father and new step-mom on a dairy farm.  She is an awesome woman, and was raised Catholic.  We went to church with her a couple of times, but I reported that it hurt my knees, all that kneeling.  So I got out of going.
    It seems I have always pursued a relationship with my Savior.  Our Heavenly Father has always drawn me to Himself.  I found this relationship a great comfort following my mother's death.  I would not have survived the following years of torment by my alcoholic father were it not for my love of and crying out to Jesus privately in my room.  I called out for Him to comfort me and protect me from evil. I always felt great comfort in calling on Him.
    I attended several churches along the way in my adult life, all were Independent Fundamental type churches.  They preached the Word and I was usually convicted of some sin, usually my tongue was the problem.  I have always had a willing spirit and long to please my Heavenly Father.
    Finally, in June 2011, I was invited to a small local Scripture Study.  There was a gentleman there that I did not know; it was his first time there also.  So, this small group of 6 or so women were all very excited and delighted to be sharing what they had been revealed to them; Yahweh is the Name of our Heavenly Father.  In our discussion they used the preface of several Bibles from various years of publication to validate their finding.  This was truly the most liberating day of my life.  This was the very first time that everything made sense to me, it was a relief to finally know the truth.  The gentleman that attended that day was raised Catholic and has an Uncle that is a priest.  He attended for a brief time, but he could just not let go of the teachings in his past and accept our Savior was indeed a Jew.   
    I have continued to study the Word with this group for over 3 years.  We now meet twice a week for study and our desire to  speak openly about our Savior Yahshua and Yahweh our Heavenly Father.  All are welcome, but we have ended up so far with a very small core, that is dedicated to the knowledge of the truth.  We study the Scriptures and have read many books using them as tools to understand the history and understanding of those who wrote our Scriptures .   We find we do not agree outright with any author, per say.  We search and glean what is revealed to be appropriate to us.  That is what I would encourage anyone who is searching for truth to do. 
  Read as many different authors that are reliable as possible, I would not get too hooked on what one person says, as I find this to be worshiping that author instead of our Father.  I have found this to be dangerous.  I had a guy come to my house to convince me to read Joseph Prince, he had all kinds of pages, tagged, paper clipped and earmarked more in the Prince book, than in his Scripture.  Unnerving for me.  I particularly would warn against any authors such as Prince, that diminish the Sacred Name.  I dislike the fact that our current "religious leaders", are out to 'tickle the ears'.  I want truth, period.  It is truth that will set us free!!!
    My goal is to distinguish between truth and opinion. Truth, the tetragram of His Name, YHWH, has been substituted 6,823 times and replaced with, LORD, which is a translation for Ba'al, one of the many false mighty ones of the pagan's.  This was the 'code' that the scribes used when the replacement was made, the reader knew LORD stood for YHWH. This is simply a fact, the opinion comes in whether or not this is important.  To me this is obviously an abomination to my Heavenly Father, Yahweh, as he tells us not to add or subtract from his Word, ( Duet. 4.2, 12.32, Proverbs 30.6, Jer. 26.2, Rev. 22.18-19).  Exodus 19.12, the Commandment that instructs us how to treat His Name is very significant to me.  So, my opinion is that YES, His Name matters, because it matters to Him.  
    I have personally looked up every instance that the word Name occurs using my Strong's Concordance and have found that 485 times He references His Name, personally.  I will get all these Scriptures on this site as quickly as I can.  I am a firm believer that His Name is the single most important message of the Scripture as a whole body of work, the Savior, is in His Name, therefore the Savior is also the single most important message, I  see no distinction.
    If you are one of those that think the First Writings are not relevant to us because they were written to the Hebrews. (More on that perspective later).  Please go to your Scripture and simply read a couple of passages.  John 3.16, so famous, most of us can recite it, please read further thru John 3.17 and 18.  18 gives so much clarification on what "to those that believe" means, what is says is that those that believe in His Name, shall be saved.  Also, please read John Chapter 17, my personal favorite.  It is the Chapter that talks about what was the most important thing for our Savior to pray about just prior to his being arrested and his subsequent crucifixion on the stake.  What He talks about is revealing His Father's Name!!!!! John 17.6 "I have revealed Your Name to those whom You have sent Me".  It is clear what was on our Savior's mind!!  The revelation of His Father's Name!!
    The question is, What Name?  Acts 4.12 clearly states that there is only One Name by which we must be saved.  Now that you know the truth, how will you respond?  And, does it matter?  These are questions only you can answer.  We are all responsible for our own actions, nobody else can dictate our salvation, we alone are responsible to Him.  
    Why do so many of our “Religious leaders” not use His Name?  This is a question only they can answer.  The new pastor at a local church here did not know about the substitution of His Name until I told him.  Now he is responsible for searching out the truth, so far, he is holding to the 'traditions of men' and not to Yahweh's Word, of course, this is only my opinion. ]]>